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I'd like to give those interested in getting a Brittany a little heads up to what the breed can be like. And to those new to dogs, to what a dog can be like.

First of all...

Please remember that ALL dogs/breeds are different. I'm listing information about Brittanys I have known...information about the breed I have read...or basic dog behavior information. I AM generalizing!!

When most people think about getting a dog/puppy...they think about all the wonderful qualities that dogs have. They are loving, loyal, and fun to pet, just to name a few of these wonderful qualities. Brittanys can be the best of the best when it comes to the wonderful qualities of dogs.

People have different ideas when it comes to what THEY want out of a dog. You MUST know what type of dog to buy to get what you want out of a dog. I know that sounds confusing, but...if you wanted a vehicle to pull your camper/trailer on the weekends, you really wouldn't be happy with your choice to get a Mini Car. However; if you wanted to save on gas bills, you'd be crazy to buy a Mack Truck.

In addition to having MANY wonderful qualities that many pet owners LOVE, Brittanys (and most dogs) come with certain challenges...Please...Before you take a Brittany (or ANY dog) into your home...really think about what a Brittany is like. A Brittany is NOT the perfect breed for all families.

I'm NOT saying that each Brittany owner will have the challenges of the above, but you need to know what Brittanys and other dogs can be like before you even think about bringing one into your home.

TALK to owners of Brittanys. What do they like most about the breed? What do they like least? Is a Brittany right for you?? Don't know anyone who owns a Brittany? I'll be happy to introduce you to others who will be happy to talk to you about the breed.

Before you get a Brittany to love...realize that it is a LOOOOONG term commitment. Brittanys generally enjoy good health and long lives. The lifespan can be around 12 to 15 years or more. Are you willing to keep your dog as he/she ages? I'm heart-broken when I see older Brittanys turned over to Rescue and the reason cited is that the dog is getting too old and they want to get a new puppy. I sure hope my family never dumps me because I've gotten too old and they want a new "puppy".

Before you get a Brittany take some time and make an INFORMED decision. You and your new dog will be happier for it!

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