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Here at GO North Brittany’s, we take breeding VERY seriously.

We also take placing puppies in new homes VERY seriously.

All our puppies come with:

  1. A written 5 generation pedigree and information on how to purchase an official copy from the AKC.
  2. Tails docked
  3. Dew claws removed
  4. AKC registration papers (limited registration for all puppies not going to conformation show homes.)
  5. Home Again microchip
  6. Health certificate and/or copies of parents’ OFA and CERF papers
  7. Age appropriate vaccinations and worming
  8. Copy of the puppy’s temperament test and how to read the results.
  9. Sales Contract and either a Spay/Neuter contract (for all puppies not going to a conformation show home) or a Co-ownership contract (for all puppies that will remain intact).
  10. A Puppy Packet (see below)

Puppy Packets contain:

I've been asked, "WHY do puppies from a Reputable Breeder cost so much?"

To understand what can happen when you buy a less expensive puppy from a Back Yard Breeder rather than a puppy from a Reputable Breeder; please read Bo's story. To understand the cost that goes into a Reputable Breeder's litter, please continue reading below.

    I thought you might like to see the typical cost of a GO North breeding--Remember this does NOT include regular care and maintenance of my bitch!!

    Nor does this include any fees to train and show my bitch in Conformation or Obedience.

    None of these costs include food, crates, pens, bedding, whelping materials, or puppy supplies like toys, piddle pads, collars, and the like.

Breeding Cost

Hip X-ray $210.00
Elbows X-ray $150.00
Home Again Microchip $50.00
Register with Home Again $17.50
Register with OFA $35.00
CERF Exam yearly $45.00
Register with CERF yearly $10.00
Brucellosis Test $55.00
Stud fee $800.00-$1000.00
flying Bitch to stud $300.00
Approximate Total of getting bitch bred $1500 - $1700

Puppy Care Cost

Vet check $30.00 per puppy
tail dock/dew claw removal $25.00 per puppy
vaccinations $10 per puppy
worming $10 per puppy
Home Again Microchip $50.00 per puppy
Register with Home Again $17.50 per puppy
Totals for puppy care $142.50 per puppy

Misc. Fees Cost

AKC registration for my bitch $15.00
AKC litter registration $25 + $2.00 per puppy
Anchorage Muni registration $25.00

    All of the above fees are for a typical breeding and does NOT take into account special circumstances that may arise:

    --like hormone testing prior to an artificial breeding

    --like a Cesarean section birth

    --like a sick puppy

If you are looking for "just a pet" and don't plan to show or breed your puppy...and feel that you don't need to buy your puppy from a Reputable Breeder; please read Bo's story.

If you think that Reputable Breeders put too much into their puppies, and you could get by with getting a puppy from a Back Yard Breeder; please read Bo's story.

If you want to learn how to tell the difference between a Back Yard Breeder and a Reputable Breeder please check out the links below. These links are NOT from my site (and may talk about other dog breeds). These are outside links. I hope you see that I am a Reputable Breeder, and I'm here to answer all the questions you have about my Brittanys and how I run my breeding program. Just ASK!!!

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