Elaine Bartlett's
Three B's Idida Rondy Moon CGC


Three B's Idida Rondy Moon CGC


Breeder: Sheryl Rilea & Megan Scholz
Owners: Elaine Bartlett & Sheryl Rilea


bitch / orange roan / birthdate: December 7, 2003
approx. 18 3/4" / almost 30 pounds

OFA: Good BS-13182G28F-PI
Elbows: Normal BS-EL571F28-PI
Eyes: Clear (not registered with CERF)

Ginny taking a Major Reserve in Aug. 2005.


Ginny earned her first show points on Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th 2006. The Judges were: Mr. Norman B Kenney and Ms Marjorie Martorella.

Ginny's Parents


Ginny's sire: Waylon

Orange Roan
D.O.B. - 11/26/00
19 1/4" / 32 pounds
OFA - Excellent - BS-11716E33M-PI
OFA - Elbow Normal - BS-EL392M33-PI
Eyes clear


Ginny's Dam: Pawnee

White & Orange
D.O.B. - 5/28/01
19" / 30 pounds
OFA - Good - BS-11551G24F-PI
OFA - Elbow Normal - BS-EL367F24-PI
Eyes clear

Ginny's Siblings

Three B'S,Once In A Blu Moon

Ginny's sister: Blu

Orange Roan
D.O.B. - 12/7/03
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - normal
Eyes clear

This is Blu taking a 4 point major!!

Three B's Man in the Moon

Ginny's brother: Manny

White & Orange
D.O.B. - 12/7/03

Sadly Manny passed away from black mold poisoning.

This is also Manny's friend Watcher.

Ginny's favorite thing to do...OK OK, maybe it's NOT Ginny's favorite thing to do. Maybe it's really DAVID's favorite thing to do.

More pictures of Ginny...

The above photos were taken on March 17, 2005. We were playing ball with Ginny at the Alyeska Canine Trainers Club Building. She had a great time and we did our best to tire her out...not an easy task.

What is there to say about Ginny?! Hum...Well, I can start with how/when we got her. Ginny arrived by aircraft on or about Feb. 21, 2004...She was almost 11 weeks old...She was a little ball of fire.

I had warned the kids that the puppy would probably be tired after her long trip. And not to expect her to want to play. She didn't really want to play, but she was NOT tired either. When we arrived home and let her out of her crate, it was like releasing the lions!!! She was all over the place. Running...biting...carrying on. It was a sight to see.

Her flight arrived rather late and it wasn't long and WE were all tired and ready for bed. The puppy wasn't. She was still all over the place. So, being a mother, I did the only thing I could think of. I rocked her to sleep. See?

After she was pretty soundly sleeping...I put her in her kennel for bed. Thanks to Sherry, her breeder, Ginny was used to sleeping in a crate at night. She didn't cry at all that night...although she was up pretty early for her potty break.

When such a tiny baby, Ginny often napped in her kennel. Sometimes with the door closed...and sometimes with it open. See?

Within a couple of days, Ginny had her visit to the Vet. At first she wasn't too sure about the whole thing. She really didn't like it when the lady checked her temperature. But she loved the Doctor's whiskers. She even let him check her ears. She was really happy when her Mommy picked her up to leave. See?

As soon as Ginny was old enough and had all the needed vaccinations, we enrolled her in puppy obedience class. Some people call it puppy socialization, but there was a LOT of obedience instruction as well as letting the puppies run and play. David wanted to be the one to handle Ginny in class. He did a GREAT job and the instructors were very proud of him. Here a few photos from Puppy Class!

Ginny's first winter here in Alaska...we had TONS of snow!!! Ginny was just sure there was something under all that white stuff. She LOVES the snow!!! See?

Ginny earned her Canine Good Citizenship title (CGC) on June 4th 2005.

The Summer of 2005, was the Summer of the Girls. Sherry brought Oneida's littermate sisters up to Alaska for some shows. At the July show, there was a "fun match" in lure coursing...even non-sight hounds were welcome to run. Ginny ran. And ran. And ran. If you are interested in seeing the photos, David Ramey took, click on David's name and look for Brittanys running. I believe Ginny is first, then you can see her mom, Pawnee running. Oneida also ran, but for some reason there were no photos. :-( Ginny really LOVED it.

Ginny turned 2 years old yesterday, Dec. 7, 2005. She is growing up so nicely. She is currently in show classes and we plan to show her in Jan. and again in March. I'm really looking forward to going out there and showing my gal off.

Now that she's old enough, we plan to have her hips and elbows x-rayed. Her eyes will be cerfed in March.

In March, Ginny was given a clean bill of health by our Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. The results were not registered with CERF at this time.

In May, Ginny's hips and elbows were X-rayed and the films were sent to OFA for grading. OFA certified Ginny's hips as GOOD and elbows NORMAL! To see these results for yourself, visit Ginny's OFA page.

In June, Ginny earned her first show points, going WB and BOS both days. Pictures will be posted as soon as I receive them!

In July, Ginny became an "Aunt/Cousin" when our gal, Oneida had ONE puppy...her one and only litter. Click here to see our puppy page!

In Jan. 2007, we decided to have Ginny spayed. After much thought, we knew we weren't going to be using her for breeding, and we wanted to concentrate our conformation show efforts on Rusty, so Ginny was retired from the show ring and spayed. We look forward to trying new things with her like: obedience, agility and maybe even flyball.

End of March/First part of April, Ginny and I started a tracking class. We are now (First of June) about to complete advanced tracking. Ginny LOVES tracking!! At the end of each track she gets to play with her silly squeekie ball. If you'd like to see MORE PICTURES of Ginny tracking, click on the tracking photo below!

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