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My love with the Brittany breed started with a sad event. The sad event was the death of our beloved Golden Retriever, Bo. Bo was a sweet, loving dog, but he was afflicted with many many health problems from epilepsy to thyroid disease.

When we lost Bo, I decided that if we were going to get another dog we were going to get a dog whose breed wasn't know to have major health problems. This started my research. I spent many nights on the computer reading, researching, and trying to find the perfect dog breed for our family.

We decided a Brittany sounded pretty good. So we started looking for a breeder. I was interested in finding a female that we could teach obedience and possibly agility. I found a wonderful breeder in Oregon. Sherry Rilea of Three B's Kennels had several show and obedience titles on her dogs. Several of her puppies had been sold to hunting homes, so even though there weren't many hunt titles on her dogs, they had good hunting instincts and abilities.

I was very lucky that Sherry had puppies available when I found her. Not only did she have a female puppy available, but she had one that had tested to be a good obedience candidate on her puppy temperament test. I purchased the puppy and she was shipped to us (from Oregon to Alaska). At the time, Sherry told me that the puppy was very correct when compared to the standard and she would also make a very good show candidate as well.

I had never thought of showing the dog, but now that thought went on my back burners...and boy did it simmer.

We enrolled in puppy classes as soon as Ginny was old enough to attend classes. My son, David, wanted to be Ginny's obedience handler, so he was the one teaching her in class and I was watching. I did help work with the puppy at home and I enjoyed it; however, I really wanted a dog to teach obedience to.

That funny thought about showing Ginny in Conformation shows began to boil over, so I started looking into show handling classes.

I found, Rebecca Brandon. I began learning as much as I could. One of the first things I learned was that it's not easy to learn handling with a puppy and a Brittany puppy (with all their energy) only makes it a little tougher. Ginny wasn't the easiest dog to learn show handling on, but it was fun!!

Around the time Ginny was 6 months old, I started thinking that I wanted to get another dog. I, of course, called Sherry. We began talking. I had originally thought about getting a liver and white male and I ended up with an orange and white female. How is that for flexible?

I decided if I was going to bring an older dog home, I wanted to meet the dog first...not have it shipped up. So I asked Sherry if I could come and visit. Within a couple of weeks I found myself (with Ginny) in Oregon and at the American Brittany Club Summer Specialty. I watched Sherry groom her dogs. I watched her show her dogs...and watched many other people show their Brittanys. We talked, we went over dogs. I tried to learn as much as I could.

Sherry and I decided that her gal, Oneida, would be a good match with us and our home. Oneida had been shown. She knew what she was doing, and she would be able to help me learn show handling. She only needed 6 more points...with one major to finish her championship.

As soon as I returned from Oregon, I entered Ginny and Oneida in the series of 3 shows in Palmer, Alaska. Oneida went winners bitch all three days and took home a total of 3 points. Now she only needs her one major.***UPDATE*** Oneida has finished her Championship!! On July 8, 2005, Oneida became a Champion of record with the AKC.

After finishing Oneida's championship and making sure she passed her health clearances, we planned a very important breeding. That breeding only resulted in ONE puppy...which I kept. I did want a girl puppy to keep to add to my breeding program, but the ONE and ONLY puppy was a boy...so I named him GO North's The One And Only...and we call him Rusty.

Our Kennel name {GO North} honors both Ginny and Oneida and our location, Alaska!

Ginny and I have taken many show handling classes. We showed the best we could, but it was decided by all that Ginny just would never make the show candidate that we had hoped...more for her personality than her conformation. However, we decided we did NOT want to breed her. So she was spayed and retired from the show ring. Over the years, Ginny has taken several classes...she like tracking the most. But right now, she mostly stays home and is still my son's dog.

And that's how it started...Since then I have added a few more girls into the mix. Breedings have been few and far between. But HOPEFULLY, I have a FULL LITTER in the oven (Breeding took place Feb. 2011--pups due Mid-April)!!! Check out our Planned Breedings page fore more details!!!

My Girls

CH Three B's Oneida Sunset, CGC
Her first point with her breeder, Sherry Rilea.

CH Three B's Oneida Sunset, CGC "ONEIDA" on left
Three B's Idida Rondy Moon, CGC "GINNY" on right
CH Three B's Oneida Sunset, CGC
My first point with her!
Three B's Idida Rondy Moon, CGC
Ginny taking a major reserve!

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