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Our 2018 Litter is HERE!!! BORN 09/23/2018

Announcing our HEART litter!!!!

After a lengthy labor and eventual C-Section which resulted in complications...after losing a puppy to become an angel puppy...after nearly losing Mia in the complications. Mia and her litter have taken every ounce of my heart and determination to still be with us today. After showing my friend, Melanie, pictures of the puppies...and Melanie pointing out the hearts in their markings time and again...we decided this litter is our HEART litter!!!!



GCH CH Country Roads It's All About Me
bitch / orange and white / birthdate: May 22, 2013
17 7/8 inches / 27 pounds
AKC DNA #V829494
Eyes: Clear --
Clear as of 2/2018
OFA Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Patellae: Normal
Cardiac: Normal

GCH CH GO North's Homebrewed Moonshine, CGC
dog/ liver and white / birthdate: December 16, 2014
20 inches / 38 pounds
AKC DNA #V829493
Eyes: Clear
Clear 2/2015, 2/2016, 2/2017, 2/2018
OFA Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Patellae: Normal
Cardiac: Normal

Date of birth:09/23/2018!!!

6 puppies -- 3 boys, 3 girls

1 Liver girl "Angel Puppy" -- We lost her shortly after birth
2 Liver/White boys
1 Orange/White boy
1 Liver/White girl
1 White/Orange girl

Please let me know if you are interested in this litter!

The Boys

The Girls

Puppy Identification in above pictures:

In the picture with Mia the pups are: Brave sleeping on Mia's back, Loyal facing Mia's belly; bottom row from left to right -- Noble, True and Wild.

It the picture with just the puppies: back row from left to right -- True, Noble, Wild; bottom row -- Loyal, Brave.

Use this character counter to make sure your perfect puppy name fits into AKC's length requirements!


My Rules for naming your GO North Brittany puppy:
Names must start with "GO North" or "GO North's"

AKC Rules for naming your puppy:
Name choices are limited to (50) fifty characters. Spaces between words, apostrophes and hyphens are counted. Note: An additional $10 fee will be incurred when more than (36) thirty-six characters are chosen.

All letters in a dog's name are limited to the standard English alphabet. Diacritical markings (accent grave, accent acute, umlaut, etc.) are not printed on Registration Certificates in a dog's name. When Registration Certificates are printed, all letters are capitalized.

How things work:

How to get on my waiting list:

  1. You fill out a Puppy Application/Questionnaire
  2. I will email you to set up a phone and/or face to face interview
  3. I put you on my waiting list
  4. Once puppies are born, I invite families on my waiting list to place deposits (of at least $150) on puppies based on sex and/or color preferences
  5. Deposit contracts are mailed to those placing deposits on puppies

How your puppy will be raised:

  1. We start by using the "super puppy" program with lots of hands on stimulation and socialization
  2. Families are invited to visit puppies for play time/socialization
  3. Your puppy will be reared in a secure area in the main part of my house where they will be exposed to all the sights, sounds and smells of normal household living
  4. As the puppies grow, they will be exposed to a variety of flooring textures, toys to explore and sounds in a safe and positive environment
  5. Of course, tails and dew claws will be removed and puppies will have age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings
  6. Puppies will be checked by my veterinarian prior to going to their new homes
  7. At 7-8 weeks of age puppies will be evaluated for structure, hunting desire, and temperament (using the **Volhard test)
    **I'm re-evaluating whether the Volhard temperament test is valuable in helping me to place puppies in the proper homes and whether it helps new families in picking the right puppy for them.

The Right puppy for each family:

  1. After puppy evaluations are done, each family will be notified which puppy or puppies best matches their criteria based on interviews and the original questionnaire
  2. Families make their choice of puppy based on personal visits with the puppies, photos, videos and evaluation information
  3. The remainder of the purchase price is due at the time of or prior to your picking up your puppy
  4. Puppies will be released to their new homes between 8-12 weeks of age.
  5. All puppies that are to remain intact are sold on co-ownership contracts with warranties with limitations to those warranties
  6. All puppies that are not going to be shown in conformation shows or to be used for breeding are sold on spay/neuter contract with warranties with limitations to those warranties
  7. I will be available to help with questions or the take the puppy back for the LIFETIME of the puppy!

My promises to you:

  1. I promise to start with top quality breeding stock who are mentally and physically sound and who have been tested for health issues
  2. I promise to whelp and raise your puppy in an enriching environment with lots of socialization
  3. I promise to make sure all puppies are healthy prior to going home with you
  4. I promise to do my best to help you pick the right puppy for you by doing evaluations and encouraging you to to meet with the puppies prior to you picking your puppy
  5. I promise to take back any puppy (for it's entire lifetime) if at any point you are not happy with the puppy or can no longer keep the dog
  6. I promise to be there to mentor you and/or answer any questions you have about your puppy or about dog rearing

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Puppies are cute...and BRITTANY PUPPIES are some of the most adorable puppies around.

But, before you get a Brittany, please go to the American Brittany Rescue site and read the wonderful information they have about Brittanys. Especially, look under ABOUT BRITTANYS Read Choosing a Brittany and Responsible Breeders.

American Brittany Rescue

Before you take a Brittany into your home...really think about what a Brittany is like. A Brittany is NOT the perfect breed for all families.

  • Some families will find the energy of a Brittany too much for them.
  • Some families will find the Brittany's problem solving intelligence too much for them.
  • Some families will find that they don't like the time commitment of exercising and training their dog.
  • Some families would rather have a dog that lies at their feet and never thinks about how to escape the backyard.
  • Some families would be totally disgusted by a dog who practices coprophagia (stool eating).

I'm NOT saying that each Brittany owner will have the challenges of the above, but you need to know what Brittanys and other dogs can be like before you even think about bringing one into your home.

TALK to owners of Brittanys. What do they like most about the breed? What do they like least? Is a Brittany right for you?? Don't know anyone who owns a Brittany? I'll be happy to introduce you to others who will be happy to talk to you about the breed.

Before you get a Brittany to love...realize that it is a LOOOOONG term commitment. Brittanys generally enjoy good health and long lives. The lifespan can be around 12 to 15 years or more. Are you willing to keep your dog as he/she ages? I'm heart-broken when I see older Brittanys turned over to Rescue and the reason cited is that the dog is getting too old and they want to get a new puppy. I sure hope my family never dumps me because I've gotten too old and they want a new mommy.

Before you get a Brittany take some time and make an INFORMED decision. You and your new dog will be happier for it!

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