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The Summer of Rusty

CH GO North's The One And Only


Breeder: Elaine Bartlett & Sheryl Rilea
Owners: Elaine Bartlett & Sheryl Rilea


dog / white & orange / birthdate: July 6, 2006
still growing

OFA Hips: Excellent BS-14427E28M-PI
Elbows: Normal BS-EL784M28-PI
Patellas: Normal BS-PA56/28M/P-PI
Cardiac: Normal BS-CA62/18M/C-PI
Eyes: Clear on 9/2006 and 9/2007 (not registered with CERF)

Rusty at just under one year of age.

The Summer of Rusty!!!

July 2008

Let me start by saying that prior to The Summer of Rusty, Rusty and I had done well in the show ring. We also started the Summer of 2008 with 2 single points earned in Anchorage, AK in June 2007.
To see photos of Rusty's prior shows, click here.

In January of 2008, Rusty and I attended the Rose City Cluster of shows in Portland, OR. Rusty had a hard time at those shows; however, he did receive Reserve Winners one day. In June 2008, Rusty and I attended the shows in Anchorage, AK as the only Brittany entry. Rusty was entered in Bred-by Exhibitor and competed in the special competition for Bred-by dogs. Rusty placed FOURTH!!!!

So we started The Summer of Rusty...

Right after the Anchorage competition, Rusty and I flew to Texas to attend shows in San Antonio and in Houston.

Here are the Results of those shows...with pictures!!!!

First day in San Antonio...
I was pretty nervous and had not groomed Rusty for a couple of weeks. I had planned to use this day as a get in the swing of things day; however, when the judge handed me the ribbon, he chastised me for not keeping Rusty straight on his down and back and basically told me that Rusty should have gotten the Winners ribbon. That and the fact that the judge gave us Reserve Winners bumped my confidence level a ton.

Day One Results
Comal County Kennel Club (San Antonio, TX) ~~ Wed. July 9, 2008

JUDGE: Mr Arley D Hussin

Major Reserve

Totals: 2 points / 0 majors / 4 major reserves

no photo

Second day in San Antonio...
I started this day with the confidence I'd earned the day before, plus the confidence that I'd shown Rusty to Jon Cole (the judge) a year before and he'd received Reserve Winners that time...so the judge must like him, plus I'd met with a friend, Nancy Crandall, who helped me by grooming him for me. So I was much more relaxed and confident.

Day Two Results
Austin County Kennel Club (San Antonio, TX) ~~ Thurs. July 10, 2008

JUDGE: Mr Jon R Cole

Winners Dog ~~ 5-pt. Major

Totals: 7 points / 1 major / 4 major reserves

Photo by: Patty Sosa

Third day in San Antonio...
Rusty decided to play in the ring this day. He jumped at me; he barked at me. He galloped around the ring. The more he acted up, the more I was unsure how to stop it. It was later that night as I sat thinking about what might have happened that I figured it out. Rusty had not eaten well nor had he been feeling very well for the past couple of days. So when I showed him the bait in the ring...then put the bait back in my pocket, he lost it and decided to play jump at Mommy. By the way, I think the judge really liked Rusty and gave him and me every opportunity to pull it together and make it around the ring just once without him acting up. Too bad it didn't happen.

Day Three Results
Bexar County Kennel Club (San Antonio, TX) ~~ Fri. July 11, 2008

JUDGE: Mrs Kimberly Anne Meredith-Cavanna

2nd in his class

Totals: 7 points / 1 major / 4 major reserves

Fourth day in San Antonio...
Now that I figured out what had happened the day before, I was determined to give Rusty a bite of food every time I showed him food in the ring. We also showed a little later in the day, so Rusty got a shower in the morning.

Day Four Results
Austin County Kennel Club (San Antonio, TX) ~~ Sat. July 12, 2008

JUDGE: Mrs Michele L Billings

Winners Dog/Best of Winners ~~ 4-pt. Major

Totals: 11 points / 2 majors / 4 major reserves

Photo by: Patty Sosa

Fifth day in San Antonio...
Rusty showed well. We were a bit tired after so many days of showing, but I couldn't have asked more of him.

Day Five Results
Bexar County Kennel Club (San Antonio, TX) ~~ Sun. July 13, 2008

JUDGE: Mrs Jean Fournier

1st in class

Totals: 11 points / 2 majors / 4 major reserves

First day in Houston...
The Houston shows started the following Thursday. We drove home from San Antonio on Monday. Tuesday we took the rental van back, we grocery shopped and packed up Mom and Dad's motorhome. On Wednesday, Dad helped us take the motorhome to an RV park near Reliant Park, where we stayed during the shows.

Day One of the Houston shows was the Texas Coastal Brittany Club Specialty. I was excited. There were a lot of the same exhibitors as in San Antonio, some new ones, too. At this point Rusty only needs 4 points to finish his Championship.

Day One Results
Texas Coastal Brittany Club Specialty (Houston, TX) ~~ Thurs. July 17, 2008

JUDGE: Mrs Vicki L Abbott

major reserve

Totals: 11 points / 2 majors / 5 major reserves

Photo by: Luis F. Sosa

Second day in Houston...
Rusty showed well and when we were taking our Winners pictures, the judge asked me how many more points he needed to finish. I told him that there had been a four point entry, but it had broke to 3 points because some of the dogs were absent. So Rusty still needed one more point. The judge was disappointed that he had not been able to finish Rusty. He told me he was a nice boy.

Day Two Results
Houston Kennel Club (Houston, TX) ~~ Fri. July 18, 2008

JUDGE: Mr Robert L Vandiver

Winners Dog ~~ 3-pt. Major

Totals: 14 points / 3 majors / 5 major reserves

Photo by: Luis F. Sosa

Third day in Houston...
Rusty showed well and when we did not take Winners or Reserve Winners, I had several people come up to me afterword and say that they thought he should have won. It sure makes you feel good when that happens, but I, personally, thought that the winners dog looked GREAT on this day and he deserved to win.

Day Three Results
Beaumont Kennel Club (Houston, TX) ~~ Sat. July 19, 2008

JUDGE: Ms Linda C More

1st in class

Totals: 14 points / 3 majors / 5 major reserves

Fourth and last day in Houston...
When I first signed up for these shows I thought how cool it would be if he finished on this last day of shows for two reasons. One was so he would finish under the very same judge who gave Rusty his first point in Anchorage, AK and two so that he would be able to compete in the special bred-by competition that was held on this day.

Well, both things happened and MORE!!! He finished under judge, Hal Engel!! He was chosen as Best of Breed Bred-by Exhibitor and competed in the Sporting group Bred-by competition and he placed SECOND in the group!!!

We couldn't have been more excited or proud!!! It was a GREAT day!!!

Day Four Results
Galveston County Kennel Club (Houston, TX) ~~ Sun. July 20, 2008

JUDGE: Dr Harold (Hal) N Engel DVM

Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Breed Bred-by Exhibitor ~~ 3-pt. Major / Bred-by Exhibitor Sporting Group 2

Totals: 17 points / 4 majors / 5 major reserves


Photo by: Patty Sosa
Bred-by Group 2 Photo

Photo by: Patty Sosa

And so ends The Summer of Rusty. He earned a total of 15 points in those 9 days of shows. He was placed 1st in his class 8 of the 9 days. He won Winners Dog 4 days--each being a major win. He won Reserve Winners another two times. And placed 2nd in the Bred-by Exhibitor Sporting Group!!!

If you want to see Rusty's show photos from his very first show through his finishing picture, click here.

To see Rusty's page on my website, click here.

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